Paige began exploring photography as a career in grade 10 but her creative journey started at a very young age.  

Paige was often found busy creating something visual whether it was a drawing, a craft she created during her visits with opoe (grandma), a painting or a creative edit of a photo.   

Her first photoshoot with forever captured photography in 2006 foreshadowed her love to capture an individual’s unique style.  

At the age of 11 with the guidance of local artist and teacher Michael J. Martin, she was able to experiment and practice with many forms of art that she found interesting.    

During highschool, Paige’s receive awards for her photography and is grateful for the encouragement and mentorship from her photography and art teachers.  This support empowered her to start her photography business at age 16.  

Paige continues to grow in her creative practice every day and appreciates each and every person who has and will contribute to her creative portfolio.